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Does it matter when you have a .com or a com.

So for example if you are trying to optimize, should you put .com with a period or without it?

Now, here’s what you should do!

Through the use of Sensor Tower, when you put, for example. It will pull out data from wishcom (without the period), but mobile action- if I’ll do the same thing, it will give me the same data for both keyword.

With Sensor Tower automatically deletes the “period”. But if you look into _apple search ads_ and if you compare “” vs. “wishcom”. You’ll clearly see that there is more traffic with the (with a period).

I recommend that you use _apple search ads_ to double check the traffic scores because if you are just using Sensor Tower (which I love!) it won’t give you enough information.

That’s just something for you to double check and make sure that scores are accurate.



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