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Today’s guest is the CMO at AppFollow and she shares how to utilize your app store reviews to increase retention and customer loyalty. You will discover how app ratings affect rankings, why user reviews even matter and lastly, if you are a SaaS product, how to attract the top companies to use your product.

Olga Padulosi is the CMO at AppFollow.

Show Notes

Increasing Retention Through User Reviews

User reviews are important for your retention. If you really care about your users, it’s important that you consider their thoughts and feedback about your app. If you want to implement cool features, you’ll know exactly what to do if you check the user reviews because they will tell you what they need to improve their experience when using your app.

By taking the time to check the user reviews, you will know what your users want and by giving it to them, you will make them happy and they will continue to use your app. As a result, your retention rate and customer loyalty will increase. The satisfied users may even recommend your apps to their friends and family members.

App Ratings and Reviews’ Effect on Rankings

Your reviews and ratings can affect your rankings. If your app receives tons of negative reviews and low ratings, your ranking may drop too. Apple rewards higher-rated apps by placing them at the top of the chart, which gives them more visibility in the app store search results. If a user gives you a two-star rating, this will really affect your ranking unless you have thousands or millions of users who are constantly leaving good reviews.

Also, it’s not good to ignore critical reviews. If potential users see your app in the top chart and they’ll see the one-star rating and negative reviews that you didn’t care to respond to, chances are high that they will not download your app.

Show Mentions

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