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As you may know, ASO is a lot harder now with the changes happening in iOS 11 so I have been employing new strategies to get around this. Every time I am stuck, I have been using search ads to discover new keywords and I have been able to discover decent, high traffic ones with low competition. Let me show you how I stumbled into these nice gems:

  • Go to Search Ads and thenCreate Campaign.
  • Key in your app name and fill out the fields. Remember, you are not really going to run a search ad campaign so some fields are optional.
  • Focus on the Keywords It would help if you install a Chrome extension where you can see scores, or else, you will only see a blue bar signifying traffic of that certain word.
  • Click the buttonAdd to Keywords and you will see suggested keywords in this portion, as well as their popularity. Just continue this super simple process to discover new, interesting keywords with decent traffic which you can leverage on for your app both on ASO and search ad perspective. You will be surprised that sometimes, even misspelled words can gain traffic.
  • You can note of the words which piqued your interest and throw them into other ASO tools such as Mobile Action and Sensor Tower for other details and for validation.

With iOS 11, you have to be extra thoughtful of the keywords you are placing in your apps, especially if you have a new app.  Don’t just come up with anything clever, think it through. Target keywords which will be perfect for your app name.


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  • Keyword research is first step to start work either on website or app. So, if we can’t select popular and relevant keywords then we face too much difficulties in app promotion. You have shared a best way to do keyword research for ASO. I am thankful to you share this information with us.

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