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Today’s guest built a sports mindset coaching app. You will discover how he used sports meme accounts to drive targeted low-cost downloads, what works better Instagram stories or posts and how he decided to bring value first within his app instead of focusing on building more and more features.

Chris Noto is the Founder at HeadSharp Performance Corp.

Show Notes

Using Sports Meme Accounts to Drive Targeted Low-cost Downloads

In their product, trust is really important so he reached out to athletes who are not just influential, but are also likeable. He brought them on as ambassadors for their sport and this built product credibility.

Instagram was one of their most successful strategies with it comes to downloads and since their target market were students athletes, they saw that most of them follow meme accounts. They reached out to the folks, who charged from $0 – $50, and these were easy wins — even better than influencers. He started scheduling the posts and shout outs but his advice is not too take advantage of it too much as it is bound to be noticed by a follower after some time.

They have also learned that post go better than IG Stories. The former can get 10x more impressions than the latter. Another tip is asking to keep the link in bio for 48 hours.

Collecting Feedback Before Building Out Features

Before going ahead and building additional features, HeadSharp collects feedback from their audience to make sure it is what they want. To get feedback for the app, they send out simple, multiple-choice surveys (which comes with swag). For their recent one, they put it up in as an IG Story in their Instagram account.

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