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What more do I have to say than I have the Head of User Acquisition at Viber, Moshi Blum. Viber has more than 1B registered users and you will discover how to not cannibalize your organic traffic, the importance of fraud in paid acquisition campaigns and how to launch and dominate a brand new country.

Moshi Blum is the Head of User Acquisition at Viber.

Show Notes

Fraud in Paid Acquisition Campaigns

Mobile advertising has a lot of fraud into it and one of the most common strategies is click scamming. This is where you are trying to get as many clicks possible from a single user for the purpose that when the user has organically downloaded the application, he will be registered or attributed as an organic install. These is a very common case of fraud and just to serve as an example, think about Facebook attribution window, which is at the moment, for mobile app installs, one day impression and 30-day click, an example of a click scamming activity. If you are running a large-scale campaign and are targeting all countries and basing your window according to what Facebook recommends, every organic install that you are going to have if you reach entire countries will be recorded and attributed to Facebook. We all know this is not the case as the impressions recorded may not really be all about what the users see as sometimes, the actual influence source might be just their friends who asked you to download the application and not really the Facebook ad.

Launch and Dominating a Brand New Country

Viber belongs to a nice family of applications which the network effect is very high and where it is the reason for Viber’s existence. Network effect is when a user gets more value from the service when other users join so it’s more complete when friends and family are in the service as well. When they think about which markets to conquer, they always look at (1) whether they have a critical mass or the bare minimum where they can start and generate a network effect for users; (2) how their competitors are doing compared to them. For countries where they are small compared to competitors, they will not try to do anything actively, will just wait for organic trend and just invest a little bit. The countries which they will focus on are those which they are already neck to neck with their competitors and are fighting on who will be first. They will then try to close the gap from there. Another consideration would be a country with a potential but none has taken over the market yet.

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