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My son and I have been playing this game called Fun Run 3 and we found ourselves watching a lot of their ad videos as they have done tremendously well in packaging them. So how can you make yours like this? Let’s discuss video ad monetization and learn how to optimize your video ads and make more money.

You would want to use video ads primary because it brings about higher eCPM. This is basically how much you get paid for every one thousand impressions. You are going to get higher pay out because people engage in video ads. Secondly, it means higher engagement and installs for developers as usually, people discover new games because of video ads. Lastly, the users love them too! So it’s a win, win, win situation thereby there is no ad unit which performs better than video ads.

So here are some best practices from Fun Run 3:

  • Main Menu – as early as this page, the game already presents an option stating you can earn stars if you watch a video. Even if I will never spend money in the app, it is training the user’s mind to use this method to be able to buy things in the shop using virtual currency.
  • Daily Bonus –this is a retention metric because the game is offering me more coins the more I play. Every day, I get to pick a reward: I can either earn $200 for being in the game that day or double it up to $400 if I watch a video.
  • Enter Arena –this is where you play with eight other players but you have to pay. For you to be able to work around the cost, the game gives you an option to watch a video ad.

This basically gives you a lesson to ensure you study where you can place your video ads strategically. Think about which points can you put them to optimize and engage your audience more with your video ads.

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