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Are you building a social network or a hyperlocal app? Well today’s guest shares how he was able to get viral growth by using an unknown variable reward. You will also discover how to get more engagement from your push notifications, how to get users to generate more content and what you should NOT do when it comes to highlighting your share features.

Jegor Ivanov is the Product Manager, Growth at Jodel.

Show Notes

How An Unknown Variable Reward Helps You Get Viral Growth

You can use a referral to make more invites and downloads and reward with karma. In this case, karma is an internal currency that can vary, therefore it is not fixed.

There was an experiment that proves that assigning an unknown amount of karma instead of fixed works to improve the number of people that would invite other users. The idea behind this is the hooked model that suggests that providing a variable reward would motivate a person to do something more often because they don’t know what the prize will be. So, changing the amount of karma from fitted amount to variable amount would help you drive more invites and installs.

How to Get More Engagement From Push Notifications

If you are sending your users push notifications, make sure that it has context and that it would be relevant to the user. For instance,  you can personalize it by mentioning the name of the user and including his latest activity within the app.

If you mention the user’s name and give him an overview about his latest activities while using your app, your push notifications will be more engaging on him. In this way, you will likely get the reaction you want from the user.

Show Mention

– Fav app: Chatterbug: (iTunes | Google Play)


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