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VO2GoGo - David H. Lawrence XVII

VO2GoGo – David H. Lawrence XVII


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About the Episode

What to know the secret to successfully selling a premium, $20 app? Well today’s guest is a professional actor who built an app specifically for actors and he shares how being his best customer has led to his success. Also, if you’re thinking about starting your podcast, listen to his tip about how to sound a bit more professional.

David H. Lawrence is Actor, VO artist and teacher at, and creator of Rehearsal, the app for actors.

Show Notes

Being His Best Customer

David’s app is directed towards writers, producers and actors and because he is an actor himself, he is very much aware of what their needs as in this case, he is his own customer.  When he started using the app, he started noticing that he kept getting better and better in auditioning and when he gets a job, he gets better as well in his roles and this captured the attention of others as they wanted to know what he was doing. When he released the app, it was free with a 30-day trial and can be kept as a subscription – per app, per month, per year – after the trial.But hearing feedback from his customers about the pricing structure, he went with a one-time payment for the app. Users will still be paying less money than a head shot, less than a casting workshop and less than a private coaching session but it is a tool that they can use forever. Value for money. From there, he went from making coffee money to mortgage money.

How to Hold Your Audience Captive

David shares that it is a universal thing for people to hate the sound of their voice but the truth is, you sound great. If you realize this, you will not tend to worry about it too much. We should also work on having pauses or use silence as an ‘audio white space’ where we use pauses to capture our audience’s attention. When you put correct pauses in your sentences, people tend to lean and listen in. Even during a party, instead of getting people’s attention by using useless fillers and vocal bridges, use the power of a pause to gather your thoughts to make your audience hold on to your words.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Be generous with your timeline on when you think your app is going to be ready. And as the app is coming to its final stages of development, start thinking about the marketing and promotion efforts that you are going to give the app when it’s released.

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