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Voxox - Chris Meyer

Voxox – Chris Meyer


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About the Episode

Do you have an app idea, but have no idea where to start when it comes to user design? Well today’s guest talks about how to create user centric design and the one meeting you should have before you even start sketching. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares his tips on typography and colors.

Chris Meyer is the VP, User Experience / User Interface at Voxox.

Show Notes

Getting Started: Your Must-Have Meeting

When the Voxox team starts designing a project, they begin with a big meeting where they get all the designers and UX team together, most especially the developers involved in the project.  In there, they will literally sketch their ideas out and, since their designs are user-centric, discuss the problems they are trying to solve and how they could do it in the simpliest and most effective way. These are the items they explore together as they come up with the initial design and this phase is based on two things: the requirements document and from the research done by their marketing and sales team in respect to personas. 

Of Typography and Colors

We have different fonts to use and Chris shares that Serif and Sans Serif fonts elicit different emotional response from the people looking at. When he sees a San Serif font, it can be perceived as something technical or modern due to its smooth lines. It can also fall under the category of humanist as it looks like an actual handwriting which can convey friendliness. On the other hand, Serif fonts are more foundational, that’s why you can often see them used in financial institutions, and something which is stable and you would trust.

We can say the same with colors– colors produce different reactions from users. Error fields are marked red because red connotes danger, for example, and the vast majority of websites use blue as statistically, people prefer this color. As designers, we should mix warm hues and cool hues into the grays to produce interesting responses. Learn about style tiles to create a palette of colors which have relationships with one another for it to work well and stick with that throughout the application to give the app a polished feeling.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Think of solving problems most of all as the best designs solve problems. Keep it as simple as possible. And if you get criticism, stay positive and use that to make you stronger.

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