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Today’s guest has managed a combined user acquisition budget of over $50M and she shares the fundamentals of user acquisition. You will discover key metrics for your soft launch, what platforms are best for downloads and which ad creatives convert the best.

Winnie Wen is Senior Manager, User Acquisition at Warner Bros. Games Entertainment Group of Companies.

Show Notes

The Fundamentals of User Acquisition

To explain this using the basic mathematic equation, UA has a basic formula of cost and LTV. Winnie finds the balance between where the bottom line is a positive. Make an educated guess based on the metrics you have to execute. Segment your metrics into two folds: the top of the funnel metrics which include CPI, click through rates and conversion rates; and the downstream metrics which makes up retention, engagement and revenue. Depending on what your strategy and what your objective is, there should be a heavier importance in either of the two.

Key Metrics for Your Soft Launch

Specifically for UA, what you should be looking at are the ones on the creative side as you need to be properly prepared for the launch. This pertains to click through rates and conversion rates, in terms of purely ads.In addition to that, identify downstream metrics to capture significant drop off points during the funnel in the hopes that you can address these during the launch.

Show Mention

– Fav app: Waze: (iTunes | Google Play)

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