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Coming is a coaching call with someone who created an app that is the Runkeeper for water sports called Waterspeed. You will discover what growth channels are best for a niche app, why you should increase in-app purchase prices and why you probably don’t need any marketing support.

Massimiliano Picchi is the creator of Waterspeed.

Show Notes

Growth Channels Best for a Niche Apps

When you hit a ceiling in an ASO perspective, explore social media growth channels such as Reddit and Facebook. Reddit is an untapped social media channel as there is a vibrant community and somebody talking about your niche would love your app. Look at the sub reddits, introduce yourself, tell them your story and ask them for feedback.

Increasing Prices

Massimiliano was charging about $6 a year for his app so I advised him to play around with pricing. This might decrease conversion but he will still get the hardcore market for his app anyways despite the spike. If people can justify paying $8 per month for Netflix, he can make it even if he prices his app for $20 a year. Sailing is an expensive sport so his market can afford this. He can also look at extending his trial period and get press for that.

Why You Probably Don’t Need Marketing Support

On a grander scale, some people think that they need marketing help but sometimes, they don’t actually need this. Yes, you need the connections but anybody can do the campaigns that I mention in my shows. People think that they don’t know enough so they hire help but the fact is, you probably already know a lot. There are lots of things that you can get done on your own that you can still be successful in small tasks such as easy tweaks. Some people can figure out things on your own rather than hire somebody, some really do need help but there are others who hire help just for the sake of getting professional help.


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Lakshmi Uma is Appmaster's Podcast and ASO executive. She loves exploring ancient sanctuaries, architecture, and landscapes.

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