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Today’s guest is the GM at Tap by Wattpad a company that has over 60M monthly users along with 400M stories. If you’ve never heard of chat stories, you have to check it out. You will discover how they’ve been able to achieve success through story telling, how to find emerging products and how to bring out the best in your teammates or people in general.

Tarun Sachdeva is the GM at Tap by Wattpad.

Show Notes

Achieving Success through Storytelling

As a storyteller, knowing exactly what point in your story readers have dropped off or lost attention is data which is priceless. Once you understand where that part of the story is less engaging, where they lost connection to the character, where the narratives were not advancing as much as it should – this information is so valuable so we use this to tell more interesting narratives.

The key to a good story starts with understanding your audience as much as possible. Tarun believes in using the power of products and data to equip storytellers to become better and to become successful. The magic is in the minds of the creators in creating interesting worlds and characters and developing engaging narratives and Tarun’s team provides that platform for this to happen.

Finding Emerging Products

Figuring out how to find new growth, new value network, new opportunities for the organization should be part of your DNA. One of the first hypothesis that they had about mobile storytelling was that it was changing very, very rapidly and with the capabilities which are in the phone today, mobile storytelling is not going to look like anything like a page in a piece of glass. They knew this was happening so they started experimenting with a bunch of different formats which could help people in mobile storytelling. They also worked on other storytelling products which were focused around how they can better entertain and connect people through stories which were also potential opportunities.

They have seen disruptions happen in industries around them so they are very wary of the market around them. They understand the cost of new technologies, the adoption rates and how new business models can fundamentally shift the dynamics of a market. When they think of emerging products, they would look at those different areas around them so it’s really all about observing and listening.

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Tap by Wattpad

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