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Today’s guest is the founder of a company with 3 popular apps within the top 100 of the weather category. You will discover how native ads are generating the majority of their revenues, how they partnered with influencers such as the Grumpy Cat and how they doubled their organic downloads with ASO.

Suraj Hemnani is the Co-Founder at Weather Creative Inc.

Show Notes

Native Ads as Their Choice

Weather Creative is an ad revenue-based company. They find banner ads, which are the industry standards, fairly annoying and inner stitchels terrible for their users’ experience so they rarely implement them. Suraj shares that ads impact overall experience and found that native ads are the ones which worked for their apps. They stick it in their weather data so it gradually laces into the user experience and they had great success with those. Facebook has done really well for them and they are trying to experiment with other channels.

Partnering with Grumpy Cat

When they learned that Grumpy Cat was going to do a meet and greet session in SxSW, they decided to go and see him but the line was so long. They ended up showing the Weather Kitty up to the people lining up which got them some downloads, feedback and validation if Grumpy Cat should be in the app, and most especially, got them on top of the line to meet Grumpy Cat. It turned out great for their business as it was the first time that they got to work with a larger brand and it was a lot of fun too.

Doubling Organic Downloads with ASO

When Suraj heard about ASO in one of my podcast, he decided to delve a little bit deeper in case they were missing something. He went through his content and started to experiment and adjust. Their first experiment was with a misspelled keyword and it was a success. They started seeing progress and even doubled their downloads.

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