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WeatherSphere - Raghav Gupta

WeatherSphere – Raghav Gupta


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About the Episode

In this interview, you’ll hear how an ex-eBay engineer went on to build a suite of weather apps that have over 2 million downloads. It’s a great story of getting something onto the app store and using user feedback to build subsequent apps. Also, listen to the auto-complete tip that you can use to get a sense of what people are searching for in the app store.

Raghav Gupta is the Founder & CEO at WeatherSphere.

About Weathersphere

Simple yet powerful, this is the only app in the appstore that shows amazing real-time hi-def animated weather radar images in vivid color with Hurricane Tracks and lightning strikes on a highly responsive interactive map, along with weather forecast, severe weather warning boxes, storm direction arrows, wildfires, current drought severity, and snowfall on the same map. 90% of our users who got it more than a year ago are still using it everyday!

Plus this is the only app that automatically augments land-based radar images with latest images from NOAA satellites covering the Atlantic/Pacific oceans into one single screen. This lets you track and follow the upcoming hurricanes and storms all from the same map.

Plus this is the only app where radar images will show up and start animating within 2 seconds of launching the app, even when on a slow 3G connection. This is also the only map based weather app that keeps up even when you are rapidly zooming in and out or just moving the map around, without any distracting flickering or other inconsistencies, and it will keep the animation going even as you are moving the map!

Plus this is the only app that allows *you* to control the loop speed, and also choose the interval between individual frames from 5 minutes all the way to 1 hr, and also change the number of frames shown in animation.

Plus easily bookmark multiple locations so you can do a quick radar + forecast check for all your important places in just a few seconds.

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