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Weaver - Michael Agustin

Weaver – Michael Agustin


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About the Episode

Coming up today’s guest co-founded GameSalad and now runs Weaver and he shares how his approach to running startups has changed since his GameSalad days. Also, listen to the part of the show where he outlines some of the common pitfalls that most startup founders make.

Michael Agustin Co-founder & CEO at Weaver Labs.

Show Notes

The Evolution of Startups

At the time Game Salad came out, there was no such thing as an Appstore. These were the days when mobile apps had to be distributed through carriers. Windows got 95% of the total cost of an app download and the developer got 5%. Developers have come a long way since then. First of all, managing startups is now done more scientifically. Game Salad, for instance, was built on passion. Now what Michael has learned is that if you want to reach a greater market, you have to have a more scientific method. Look at the habits of people, a habit is not pulled out of the blue or just developed; it must already be there and just needs nurturing to bring it out. So when developing an app like Weaver, Michael is  incorporating this consideration, recognizing people’s need to build relationships and the need to communicate more  effectively. This makes the app more relevant and more useful.

Common Pitfalls that Most Startup Founders Make

  • Decisions are either reversible or irreversible. You don’t know this until you have made the decision, so you really want to be careful before making one.
  • Doing too much; having too many moving parts; too many features confuse users and is very costly to the developer.

What advice would you want to give to anyone looking to develop an app?

We want to start with a wedge. This is the deep, ingrained habits of people that we need to identify. In Weaver, this is the need we addressed to find our space or niche. People tend to draw more toward each other.  We want to share and communicate.  Basically what we did was simply provide the platform for people to do that and we came up with Weaver!

Show Mentions

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