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What Games Are - Tadhg Kelly

What Games Are – Tadhg Kelly


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About the Episode

Do you want to know the mechanics of what makes a game popular? Well today’s guest is a 20 year game development veteran who shares his experience and tips for both newbies and professionals alike. We discuss strategies for developing and selling successful games despite the continual market saturation.

Tadhg Kelly is the author of What Games Are.

Tadhg has been designing games for twenty years, first in table top and live action roleplaying games and latterly in videogames as designer, writer, producer and startup founder. He is the creator of the What Games Are design blog, as well a regular contributor to Gamasutra, Edge and TechCrunch.

About What Games Are

What Games Are talks about games as they are, not as they could be. It advocates that the tools and mode of interaction needed to think of games as an art already exist, but that art may not be what you think it is.  The book is largely about language, and rewiring the framework of understanding that you may have about games. It is also about legitimacy, about claiming the art form of games on their own terms rather than trying to borrow it from somewhere else. Finally it is about tools that you can use to help express your game designs in a way that might be productive.

Part personal journey, part analytical breakdown of many of the core ideas behind games, my hope is that this book will help spur the debate about games in the wider world, and allow game makers to see themselves as makers rather than craftsmen.

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