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Coming up today’s guest is the Co-Founder and Head of Game Analysis at GameRefinery, a company specialized in predictive and prescriptive analytics in the mobile game industry. This episode is all about mobile games where you will discover which games have the most potential, what are the hottest monetization trends (spoiler alert it’s Battle Pass) and what features bring your games’ most value in different markets.

Joel Julkunen is the Head of Game Analysis, Co-Founder at GameRefinery.


Show Notes

02:28 – The trendiest monetization that are very favorable in the mobile gaming space and why.
12:04 – Gaming features that will make your game app more appealing to subscibers (and make you more money!)
15:56 – The ways to build easier guild mechanic features and which platform to use.
21:05 – The significance of employing effective guild mechanics for game developers
36:16 – The hottest, budding mobile games that are likely to capture the mobile market.
37:06 – Incentivized ads: Yay, or Nay?

Show Mention

Battle Pass


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