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In 2016 we hit multiple figures and I feel pretty proud of myself for accomplishing that. But this year, I really want to hit a million mark.

It’s an ego thing, but I don’t know why it’s a mystic number on my head right now that I need to reach.

To do that, I am doing a lot of uncomfortable things, but with that mindset in place, I am doing a lot of different things to push us forward, towards that million dollar mark. And so, I want to talk about this because it allows me be an entrepreneur, build 6 figure business, or build multiple 6 figure businesses or it’s going to allow me a seven-figure business – It’s gonna be completely different!

People ask, how do you continue doing podcast? Isn’t it time consuming and are you going to stop? Well, no, I said, why will I ever stop it?

This business allows me to speak with amazing people in the App space. This is what I really enjoyed doing. I can be really tired, but doing a podcast call, during interview- I’m just so pumped up after doing all those things. I used to hate them but now I love it! I get so much energy by talking with people.

The biggest shift is:

1. I hired somebody, it was hard hiring her but she is phenomenal. You will hear about Jennifer soon! I know that she can do the work.

With her onboard, I am super pumped. I know she is a good fit to help us reach that million dollar mark. The results have already paid off, in terms of getting exposure.

2. In the beginning, I just focused more on getting smaller clients. What I was doing in 2014 is not something that I plan to do in 2017. Some strategies are still in placed, but now as I start to think of a 7-figure business, well, how do I be up the game?

What we focus on right now is the influence of marketing. And I believe that with our skillset we can take the influence of marketing into a whole new level. Meaning, I can help you with various strategies so I can stack everything together and I think that’s the biggest thing I can do as an app agency.

So, wherever you are at with your business, how can you get yourself to the next level where you want to? That’s the main premise.

If you want to talk about influence marketing let me know. I’ve been running a bunch of tasks with few friends and I wanna run a lot more, so please reach out to me because I want to start stacking campaigns again together.

Last thing is, when I was about to leave the corporate life, I was really considering- here’s what I am gonna be doing, do a lot of digital courses and app spaces, but when I look back 4 years ago, I just thought that I love this stuff.

My mind goes to acquisitions all the time and so, if you think about a company, a lot of people are really good about the bottom of the funnel and I just think that my skillset and the way my mind is triggered- I just think of the top line. Everything makes sense, but I wanna make sure that the top line fuels the bottom line.

This is who I am, I love running an agency because I love focusing on a top line.

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