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What Time - Keeran Janin

What Time – Keeran Janin


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About the Episode

Today’s guest built an app called What Time that is a social network for smart watches. He talks about selling his first business, running out of cash for his second and how to break through when you are lacking in confidence. Also, listen to the part of the show, where he shares his strategy on how to negotiate cheap and free deals.

Keeran Janin is Founder at What Time.

Show Notes

Breaking Through When Lacking Confidence

When Keeran graduated, he was completely jobless but as luck would have it, his neighbor was the new CEO of a mobile phone company. Keeran was walking in his garden one day and he was offered a job right then and there. He was placed in a technical area of the company and he simply did not have any idea at all about how it worked. He just discovered what mobile content is all about right there and spent three months learning how it all worked. Once he figured it out, he left and started his own business.

At first, he lacked confidence as he didn’t know how to do things at the start as well but he shared that, as soon as he saw how other people would do things, he realized that it was easy and that he can do it as well.

Negotiating Cheap and Free Deals

Whenever Keeran needs something, he tries to get it as cheap as possible, or even get it free. He learned about a concept called speaking in currencies, wherein it is stated that everybody has a currency. Money is the basic currency but everyone has things which excite them: arts, career growth, travel, etc. Once you find out what motivates a person, then you can find ways of working out a deal.

For Keeran, he was able to use this strategy by flying folks to another country using his free air miles and had his coding for free!

Show Mentions

Book: The Hard Thing About Hard Things

– Fav app: Words With Friends: (iTunes | Google Play)


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