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Are you struggling with your app’s growth. Well, we have the Co-Founders of to share how they’ve persisted through the ups and downs to finally break through.

You will also discover…

– How they knew when to pivot their app

– How customer support drives app growth

– Why eliminating the US in Apple Search Ads has driven tremendous ROI growth

– How they’re using Clubhouse to drive downloads

Hassan Ahmed and Maverick Eguia are the Co-Founders of


09:10 – Launching an app to get initial community feedback.

12:29 – Things Hassan would do differently during product launch.

15:20 – How to go about reaching out to bigger publications.

19:48 – The impact of making a switch of showing the pricing page during the welcome flow.

23:00 – His advice for developers that might be struggling in the very beginning.

28:30 – What’s working well for them on Apple Search Ads.

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