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About the Episode

Coming up is a solo episode where I give you an update on what’s been going on in my world and share with you a story of a time when I almost quit – stay tune.

Show Notes

Most of us who have tried to carve our own niches in the app space have faced moments of uncertainty and have, on more than one occasion, probably seriously contemplated giving it all up for the security of a salary. I share with you my own experience of just this moment in my journey through the twists and turns, ups and downs of the app space ecosystem.

At the close of 2014, I was finding it really rough sailing in the app space. What I did was to focus more. I buckled down to write good content and concentrate on growing my agency. I have noticed that when I write blog posts, people tend to come in and I generate more traffic.  I just stopped doing anything else and focus on content. My focus certainly helped and July 2015 has simply been phenomenal.

Highlights of my July

  • Hit close to $25,000.
  • Launched Ramboat– a seriously equipped company with a partnership with Disney. I was able to have it featured in Social Times, Cosmo, Touch Arcade, and Mashable.
  • July was a record breaker because we had 2 games featured in Mashable —a back to back triumph.
  • I got myself an office, a house in an area I want to be in and revenue is coming in.

What has helped me during the rough times?

This community (the listeners, the audience) helped me through the rough times.  I built up an audience by interviewing people I really admire and asking the nitty-gritty questions. When I started the podcast, I had no idea that the audience will grow so much that I actually have built a community.  These are the people I have interviewed, the audience I have built, people I got to know through Mastermind, and the connections I have made in the app space.

To anyone wanting to do a podcast or something similar or in case in you are in that mindset of wanting to give up:

 “Just know that if you build a community, they will help you along the way. If you want to build one, I am willing to help.”



Lakshmi uma

Lakshmi Uma is Appmaster's Podcast and ASO executive. She loves exploring ancient sanctuaries, architecture, and landscapes.

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