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Coming up is a coaching call on how to grow downloads when you aren’t got any money. You will discover how to fix ASO for a word puzzle game, how we’ve pivoted our ASO strategy on iOS 11 and when to change your icon and screenshots as part of the overall ASO strategy.

Richard Jankowski is the creator of Word Travels.

Show Notes

Fixing ASO

For this kind of app, the words ‘puzzle’ and ‘game’ will be highly competitive so you need to think outside the box which includes thinking of locations within the app – Bali, for example – and use that. The most important piece will be your app name so ensure that you optimize this part basing on data so you will stand out. To do this, compile a list of keywords that you are targeting and load this all in Mobile Action or Sensor Tower. Choose the ones which have good traffic and low competition. Or you can go to Apple Search Ads and put your app in there to see what Apple is auto suggesting.

Once you find these words, rename your app. Optimize your subtitles as well using the same strategies and remove those words which will not be of help as not to waste precious characters.

Go get some reviews too so get your friends (or buy some) to leave at least 5 reviews each. Once this is in place and your new keywords are live in the App Store, run a paid-to-free campaign.

Changing Icons and Screenshots

For phase 2, you can look at reorganizing your app icon. The easiest thing to do is going to Dribbble, look up for icons related to your app to find inspiration, go to an affordable designer and asked them to recreate that by changing colors, vectorizing it, etc.

Lakshmi uma

Lakshmi Uma is Appmaster's Podcast and ASO executive. She loves exploring ancient sanctuaries, architecture, and landscapes.

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