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Coming up is a presentation from our App Masters Connect event in Santa Monica where you will discover how Jake Ellenburg, CMO at XMode, drove millions of downloads for Drunk Mode primarily through press. Listen to why “Not Porn” was his favorite subject line, how he hacked LinkedIn to get connected to reporters and why you should NOT land all your desired press at once.

Jake Ellenburg is the CMO at XMode.

Show Notes

Do you want to get millions of app downloads by spreading the word about your company? Do you want journalists to pay attention to your product?

You may not know Jake Ellenburg, but he managed big publications to write about Drunk Mode app that led to downloads in an instant. Drunk Mode is hailed by MTV News as a “life-changing app” for guys and gals who love to party. It has millions of downloads and it is all thanks to ingenious PR strategy.

Jake revealed how he attracted millions of downloads by ditching the expensive PR firm and doing it himself. Here’s how he did it;

  • Know your target market(2:08) – Seems like a no-brainer for every company, but when handling PR, it is not enough to get publish. What does your consumers read and target those publications.
  • Use social media(5:20) – Jake revealed that he polished his LinkedIn and Twitter accounts making himself look like a hotshot businessman to connect with journalists and get their direct emails.
  • Get their attention(8:58) – Believe it or not, Jake uses “NOT PORN” as subject line to catch the attention of writers, and it works!
  • Know your product in and out(12:40) – Be prepared to answer grilling questions of journalists by knowing your app in and out, front and back.
  • Why are you pitching?(13:33) – Knowing the objectives of the pitch gives you a clear direction on which publication to go to and information to dish out.
  • Slow down(16:28) – Don’t get all your press at once! Keep the ball rolling by always having something new for the writers and to keep your products on the press. Take note: Journalists are suckers for exclusive!

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