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About the Episode

You will hear from an entrepreneur who has been involved in 6 early stage startups about how to bridge the gap between idea and actually running business. Also, listen to the clever product hack he used to get feedback from early users that helped hone his marketing message and find his second wave of users.

Ami Ben-David is CEO at XROS.

Show Notes

Bridging the Gap between Idea and Running a Business

For someone who is not an entrepreneur, the gap between an idea and actually doing it can be insurmountable. You should learn to take it one step at a time and the first step, which is making the decision that you are all in for this idea, is not easy. This is where 99% of ideas fail to convert into a business so this is where most start-ups fail. You should be able to build a bridge between an idea and actually doing it by jumping in with both feet and knowing that there will be no mesh to catch you in between. You have to have frantic relentless to drive forward all the time. 

A Clever Hack to Get Feedback from Early Users

One of the hardest parts in start-ups is getting early users and Ami shares that a lot of it takes leg work. For their app, Xros, they discovered that it worked really well for freelancers as it helps them create work groups for different customers. They found out about this important market detail by building a talking bot to converse with their random users when they launched their beta version. The bot asked them questions about what they use the app for and they would talk back to the bot with their input. From these bot conversations, their team was able to gather needed data – such as the app being used primarily by freelancers –so Ami started going to freelancers’ conferences and started introducing the app over to them.

Show Mentions

Fav app: Waze: (iTunes | Google Play)

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