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Coming up is a coaching call with an 18-year-old game developer. You will discover how to get early feedback on your game, how to use the learn-build process of game development and finally why you must study the top free games in the app stores.

Sourav Jain is an indie game developer. Check out his games. YNEX

Show Notes

When Do You Need To Pay Attention To Your Uninstall Rate?

It’s normal for users to install and uninstall an app. However, when the uninstall rate is too high that your active users are less than 10%, you should seriously pay attention to it.

For instance, if the user downloads the app, open it once and then uninstall it, then you have to work on the onboarding process. If they don’t even open the app after downloading it, then you have to do something about it.

Where to Market Your App?

I understand that most turn to Facebook groups to introduce their game to the public. However, it’s difficult to use this outlet as most users won’t pay attention to your announcement.

If you are doing Indie Games, I suggest that you use Reddit, there’s a forum called Indie Games there where you can share your app. In most cases, the people in the forum are interested in what you do, so it’s a good outlet to drive downloads.

You also have to be wary when you use services to drive downloads. In this case, the user paid for a $5 service that gave him 61 downloads. This is quite high, so it’s good.

However, I noticed that campaigns that offer $0.08 to $0.10 per downloads have usually high uninstall rates.  

I recommend that you use different campaigns. Also, offer something that would be paid within the app like an in-app purchase because if you get a press for that campaign it will drive thousands of downloads.

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