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Today’s guest is building a platform that matches jobs in the life sciences based on personality. You will discover how to balance building a product while running a services business, how to identify issues with relationships and processes and tips on managing a team.

Kieran Canisius is the CEO and founder of Zocket, the next big thing to come to life science career development and job hunting.

Show Notes

Balancing Product and Running a Services Business

When they were doing development, segregating the day and making it very focused helped in balancing things. Having a great team made it easier to be more fluid with time. Working on product and a service requires a quick shift, just like speaking two languages, so you should be able to shift effectively.

Identifying Issues with Relationships

Kieran sees issues by talking to the three people closely involved if it is actually the problem. A lot of times, it has to do with lack of trust and communication and not really about the process.

Tips in Managing a Team

Sometimes it’s good for it to be business-like and not take things emotionally as it can be exhausting but it should never be all about business. Love what you do every day and enjoy the ride – the scary parts included as, when you look back, these are the moments which are the most character-building.

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