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Coming up is a coaching call with a game developer. We talk about how to grow organic downloads for casual games, how to monetize using ads and why studying the top free games is so important when trying to find success.

Nawfiljan C is the creator of Zombie Eater.

Show Notes

How to Grow Organic Downloads for Casual Games

It’s important that you do keyword research and utilize those keywords which users use when they search for a game. For this, it’s not just about having a different bunch of keywords, it’s about researching and understanding what’s the best one to use.

For instance, consider the keywords with good traffic and less competition. This is very important especially for those who do not want to spend any money on paid acquisition because you’re going to be relying on having the right keywords to get organic growth.

How to Monetize Using Ads

Retention is a key in monetizing your app. It is very important that you retain your users because you can monetize them through ads focus on keeping your users in your game. You can use video ads and banners to make money from ads and can also lock in deals with certain ad networks.

Is Studying Top Free Games Important in Your Success?

Most developers have worked on several games before they finally have their biggest break. This means that they have gone through a lot or have learned tons of new ideas to improve their previous works. So take the time to study the different games on the market especially if you’re working on your first game.

There are tons of people that have come before you, take advantage of their ideas and put your own spin on it. Figure out what people want and what works then tweak and improve your app. This way, you will be able to produce better results.

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