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Coming is a coaching call all about soft launching a mobile game. You will discover what countries to soft launch in, a creative way to find a publisher and what to focus when trying to make apps your full time living.

Scott Glickman is the creator of Zombie Knockout.

Show Notes

How to Increase Traction In Your App?

To optimize your downloads, you have to consider certain terms that apply to your app. For Zombie Knockout, since this is like a basketball game, from an SEO perspective, you can consider the keywords “basketball training” or any basketball-related terms that you can rank well.

Since the audience also looks at NBA teams, I suggest that you include these because these terms have decent traffic and low competition. For example, if you are based in Miami, you can creatively include “Miami Heat” by optimizing its Spanish-Mexico app name. We’ve tried this in one client and it almost tripled their downloads because the app name has more weight than any other keyword.

How to Attract a Publisher?

If you are planning to release an app through a publisher, it’s best if you update and polished the design of your app. The design is a key factor because it’s the first thing that a publisher looks at.

If you struggle with the design of your app, you can check Dribbble. Look for designs that cater to your apps. Then, once you find one, you can have your designer work for something similar to it.

You can also look for a potential publisher that you think is fit for your app and tailor your design to what you see in their other apps. In this way, you are presenting something familiar to them.

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