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You’ve got a killer app. You’re excited to share it with the world. The only trouble is, you have no idea where to begin. Marketing your app seems daunting, and you’d rather let it “build traction” on its own then tackle that intimidating task.

At Appmasters, we have extensive experience marketing all kinds of apps, and helping them achieve killer growth. So we’ve compiled a list of “marketing first moves” to get you started. All of these tips are quick wins that can make a big difference.

1. Contact highly targeted bloggers

Eventually, you are going to want to widen your net, and the right marketing agency can help you get placement around the web. But first things first, you should be contacting bloggers in your specific niche. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the blogs you’ve used as a resource to help build your app?

  • What are the blogs your company follows?

  • Do any of the companies you have relationships with have blogs you could post on?

These three categories are low-hanging fruit. You should contact them immediately and try to set up a post.

2. Add to your email signature

Add a link to your app to your email signature, along with a quick sentence on what it does. If you’ve got others on your team, having them add the link as well. It’s an unobtrusive way to get the word out to everyone you communicate with on a regularly basis.

3. Resolve negative reviews

Some app developers don’t even realize resolving negative reviews is an option. You should be doing it aggressively, especially in the early stages, when just one negative review can bump you down a star. Be considerate in your approach, and always follow the guidelines of the marketplace you are on, but never leave a negative review alone. You should make at a least one attempt to get it resolved or taken down.

4. Reach out to target facebook groups

This follows the same principle as targeting bloggers. What are the groups you already know about and follow? You should be reaching out to them about featuring your app. Get in touch with the admin if you can, but don’t be afraid to post a “shameless self-promotion” as long as it’s not against the group’s guidelines.

5. Get listed on every app store

You’re probably planning on listing your app in the App Store, and in Google Play. However, there are other, smaller stores that you should also consider listing on. GetJar, AppBrain, and the Amazon Appstore are all locations where you have much less competition.

6. Rethink your icon

Your icon should be eye-catching and attention-getting. Sometimes, people are going to notice it before they even read the title. Use clear colors, minimal text, and a distinct shape. Be care about using a photo as your icon, as it too easily blends in with the background. Following a few good design principles here can help set you apart.

7. Build a landing page for the app

It’s easy to get so focused on mobile that you forget there are people researching apps in their web browsers too. Build a simple, SEO-optimized landing page for your app, so you can catch users who aren’t searching for their solution in the stores. Being on the first page results for a Google search never hurt anyone.

8. Write an announcement blog and send out a newsletter

This might seem almost too obvious. but sometimes it slips people’s minds. Leverage your existing follower base and make sure your users know about the app. Put an announcement on your blog, blast it out over your own social media, and put it in your email newsletter.

Those who already follow your company are your best first responders, and the most likely to immediately download your app. This will in turn improve search results, and win you faster momentum.

Did we miss anything? What are the quickest, easiest ways you’ve found to market your app?


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