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alternate-tier-pricingWould you like a simple way to increase revenues for your paid apps or in-app purchases?

Did you know that back in June 2013, Apple released a new pricing structure called alternate tier pricing in the App Store?

What is Apple Alternate Tier Pricing?

Back in June 2013, Apple introduce a new pricing structure called Alternate Tier that gives app developers more flexibility with the pricing. Simply put you can charge a higher price in some of the popular countries.

This applies to both paid apps as well as in-app purchases.

App developers are accustomed to charging $0.99 or $1.99, but with alternate tier pricing app developers can charge the 0.99 in Euros.

Here’s a quick chart that shows you the difference between normal Tier 1 and Alternate Tier 1:

Tier Pricing

In the video, below I show you how you can activate alternate tier pricing for your paid apps and your in-app purchases.

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