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A dynamic link or one link is basically a link which you can send everyone and they will be routed to the right place depending on how they are viewing that link. If they are in an iPhone, for example, they will be routed to the App Store; if they click it using an Android device, they will be routed to Google Play; if they are on a desktop, it’ll route to the website and so on. This is great for tracking and if you are running campaigns you do not need to send separate links so it is great way to drive traffic to wherever you want to send people to.

In this demo, I use Here are the steps:

  • Create a new app
  • Link Settings – configure and encode your links to iOS, Android, Fire, desktop or a default URL.
    • Social Media Display Customization – if you are sending this out to influencers or sharing in social media, you can use this for branding.

You can also do Quick Links which will allow you to create different campaigns through these simple steps:

  • Create Link – set up your settings such as the name of your link
  • Click Configure

This will generate a link which you can use for a specific campaign. You will be able to see clicks, installs, and other stats.

Try dynamic links or one links so you can direct potential customers to the right place.


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