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Mobile All Stars – Toronto

July 2023
Get personalized strategies to help you grow your app business, connect with high-quality app experts, and take a deep dive into the strategies working today.
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Content + Connections

Highlights from our London workshop from March 2023.


Past attendees have…

Started and sold multiple companies
Run multi-million dollar app businesses
Have generated over 100M downloads
Raised million of dollars for their startup
Ran a $600,000 app business with a team of 2
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Our Experts

Steve P. Young


Chris Ching

Founder @ Code with Chris

Talha Atta

Head of Growth @

Get Personalized Strategies

The biggest breakthroughs come when we work on our business not in our business.

Learn the growth marketing strategies and tactics that have the highest impact on your business.

Our experts will take a deep dive into your app and give you feedback on ASO, app funnel, paywall optimization, and so much more.

You will learn the right marketing channels to get the best ROI for your app business NOT what’s working for everyone else.

You’ll end the event full of actionable strategies that will help you grow and scale your app.

And make a few friends along the way.

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Why attendees love our events

We help you focus so you can grow faster

We understand how hard it is to build a business, especially an app business which is why we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with the latest happenings in the mobile app industry.

#1 App Deep Dives

F*ck the fluff. 

Grow your app faster, better and cheaper. Our experts will take a deep dive into your app and give you the strategies that will have highest impact on your business.

Down n’ Dirty Workshops

No boring presentations. Our experts actually know their shit and roll-up-the-sleeves to show you exactly how to execute a marketing strategy.

Networking & Community

We family. 

Many of our past attendees have become good friends and collaborate long after our events.

Together we grow.

You are just one connection away…

Join us for the most immersive event that will lead to new breakthroughs for your app business.
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