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A tool which accurately displays downloads for any app is Sensor Tower. The subscription rate is not exuberant and it does a lot more so it is worth it. If you are serious with your app business, I would urge you to subscribe as they are one of the best ASO tools, together with Mobile Action.

Sensor Tower displays the monthly download numbers but you can easily calculate your daily stats.When you get into the tool, click on Add New App>>Keyword Research >> Enter the keywords of the app you want to view>> Click on the app that your chose and Sensor Tower will bring you to the profile of the app to see the number of downloads they have estimated.

On top of this, you will also see the following information about the specific app:

  • the ads they have posted,
  • revenues and where they were generated,
  • the categories they are listed in,
  • the reviews they got,
  • release dates,
  • when they last updated the app.

If you are wondering how trustworthy the estimates are, I have checked the data displayed for my clients’ apps and compared it with the data we have at hand and found that it is about 70% accurate.

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