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jay van buiten


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About the Episode

Today’s guests has tripled his downloads using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and he shares how you can use the service to get keyword ideas, localize your app and even increase your keyword rankings. Also, listen to the part of the show where he share his favorite tools that will save you a ton of time submitting and monitoring your apps.

Jay Van Buiten is the creator of Review Command.

Show Notes

Jay Van Buiten on Tripling his downloads using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is a marketplace for work that requires human intelligence. Jay uses this Amazon service for repetitive tasks, including getting keyword ideas for his apps, as well as feedback about his apps, increasing downloads and even localizing his apps.

Jay Van Buiten and Review Command

Jay Van Buiten understands the need of a developer to keep track of what users think about their apps through reviews. He believes that app reviews are very important because this is how you can improve your app and retain more users.

Review Command is a Mac app that allows you to see your app reviews for every platform, including Google Play, and every country. No cloud. No subscription fees. Pay one time and you can easily track all your apps’ reviews on every platform.

Show Mentions

–  Review Command – Get it with a special AppMasters listeners price for only $19 (originally $99), don’t wait too long as this offer is only good for a week!

– Localization Tool
– Uploading Screenshots
– Shot Bot
– 99Designs
– Freshdesk

– SmoothMobile ( iTunes | Google Play)

Fave App:

– Todolist

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