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Are you launching your product on Product Hunt?

Looking for resources to ensure that your Product Hunt launch is successful?

Having the proper resources and knowledge before you launch your app on Product Hunt makes a world of difference in the life of a busy app entrepreneur.

In this article, you will discover 11 of the top tools to help you prepare for your Product Hunt day.

1. HunterData

HunterData is the ultimate Product Hunt leaderboard. See the most popular products and hunters.


How to use it: While most people believe that you need a lot of followers on Product Hunt to have a successful launch, it’s more important that the Hunter has a lot of followers. Use HunterData to find the right Hunter with a good amount of followers.

2. Product Hunt Analytics

What day is the most popular? What time of day? How has ‘vote’ volume changed over the years? Product Hunt Analytics nicely displays the daily, monthly, and yearly analytics of Product Hunt.


How to use it: Use the website to see what day is best to launch and what products have been #1 on any given day or month. It’s also a great way to see which Hunters were responsible for the #1 product of the day.

3. The Product Hunt Manual

The Product Hunt Manual by Kiki Schirr is by far my favorite resource for learning how to launch on Product Hunt. Kiki provides a step-by-step guide and workbook for a successful PH launch. I love the detailed guide on what you should be doing the day your product is on Product Hunt.

Product Hunt Handbook

How to use it: Read the details on the hour by hour breakdown of what you should be doing the day your product is on Product Hunt. It includes email templates, social media shares and so much more.

4. Product Hunt Handbook

The Product Hunt Handbook by Justin Jackson is one of the first books I read when studying about Product Hunt. The eBook shows you how to effectively launch your product on Product Hunt and includes a 1 hour video interview with Ryan Hoover (Co-Founder of Product Hunt).


How to use it: This 37-page eBook is a must-read for those who want to learn more about how to launch on Product Hunt. It reveals the power of the community as well as the algorithm behind Product Hunt.

5. Product Hunt Alert

Get a text when your domain is mentioned on PH with Product Hunt Alert. This is great for companies with many product offerings who want to monitor products on Product Hunt.


How to use it: Many publishers are afraid that the Product Hunt community will submit their products before they are ready. You can use Product Hunt Alert to make sure that if someone does submit your products you’ll be ready to go.

6. PH today

PH today is a simple realtime view of Product Hunt. I love how it automatically refreshes and shows you the change in votes, comments and new product submissions.


How to use it: Launch day is really important for you. With PH today, you can see how well your product is performing and get a quick glance at any new comments or votes.

7. Product Valet

Product Valet is a lite recommendation engine built on Product Hunt. Users can easily discover new products based on their previous Product Hunt upvotes, and discover users who share similar product interests.


How to use it: Use the User Recommendation tab to find other PH members who have similar interests to yours.

8. Slogan Generator

Having trouble generating a great tagline for your Product Hunt page? Get hundreds of slogan ideas for your project or business with Slogan Generator.


How to use it: One of the most important pieces of content on your Product Hunt page is your tagline. Use Slogan Generator to find 2–3 taglines that you can A/B test.


If you can’t afford to create a video of your product, then the next best option is a cool looking GIF. With GIF Maker, you can create animated GIFs from videos or images.


How to use it: Create a GIF for your Product Hunt launch and use it as your thumbnail – it will attract more attention to your PH page.

10. Meta Hunt

Meta Hunt has all the stats you ever wanted to know about Product Hunt. From the number of users to the number of features by weekday to which products received the most upvotes.


How to use it: See what products perform better on Product Hunt versus other websites. Also, use the features by weekday stats to see if your product is better suited for a less busy day. My eBook launched on PH on a Sunday and still managed to drive over $3,000 in sales.

11. Product Friends

Want to know how are your most influential Product Hunt upvoters? Product Friends displays the Twitter profile and Klout scores to show you your most influential upvoters (so you don’t miss a journalist or investor).


How to use it: After launching on Product Hunt, find the right journalist or investor to leverage your success on PH into more press coverage or even an investment.


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