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Making a video for your app can be a huge boost to your marketing game. According to comScore, customers are 64% more likely to purchase a product online after watching a video about it. A video can succinctly explain features in a minute that might take numerous pages with text alone.

But how do you ensure your video isn’t the same confusing app demo everyone’s seen before? How do you make your video stand out from the crowd? Here’s our best tips.

  1. Consider professional narration

This is an easy win. It’s actually much cheaper than fancy graphics and professional illustration. If you are doing narration in your video, resist the urge to use whoever at your company has the snazziest voice. Instead, simply log into Fiverr and pay someone a very small amount of money to record professional narration from the script you wrote. You can preview voices before you buy, so that you pick one that best fits the tone of your video.

  1. Prioritize clarity

Everything about your app video should be clear, first and foremost. Viewers are watching the video because they don’t want to bother reading about your app’s features. So show them off and let them speak for themselves, rather than spending all your time doing marketing gimmicks.

  1. Don’t go too long

Long videos belong in your help center, if they belong anywhere. When it comes to marketing, keep it short and sweet. Again, always keep it mind that viewers have clicked on this video because their time and attention is limited. Honor that by getting as much as you can across in just a few minutes. If you are going to post a demo in the app store, keep in mind you’ll only have 30 seconds anyway.

  1. Get an outsider to review your script

If your video has a stellar script, than the average person should be able to understand your app just by reading it. To double check this, make sure you have others review the script before you start filming. Many developers make the entire video before they have any outsiders take a look. This means if the video is unclear, you have to redo everything. It’s better to get it right from the start.

  1. Use graphics and illustrations

Showing your app’s interface isn’t a bad idea, but many marketers rely on that too heavily. Bright, colorful illustrations draw the eyes in and evoke positive motions. You should storyboard each feature you want to show off in your video, and consider what graphics might explain how that feature works.

You can also use illustration to call attention to important items. For example, if you are going to show your login screen on phone, consider using a colored or plain white background, rather than a human hand holding the phone in an office somewhere. The result is more captivating and less distracting.

  1. Make the first 10 seconds count

Visible Measures states that you have just 10 seconds to engage viewers before they click away from your video. It’s a good idea to start with a problem. Then, state how your app solves that problem, and illustrate it in an engaging way. That way, you will keep those who have the problem engaged and eager to find the solution your app offers.

If you need help putting together a stellar app video, be sure to reach out. We are app marketing devotees who can use our expertise to create the best possible option.


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