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7 High Impact Places

Do you struggle with deciding whether or not videos are a useful way to market your app?

Do you want to know some little-used but powerful places to use app videos to increase exposure for your app?

In this post, I’m going to show you why app marketing videos can be the best way to get downloads and the advantages of each of the video marketing platforms. You don’t have to use them all, but if you aren’t using any, then I would encourage you to try at least one or two.

Videos can make for a powerful app marketing tool, but not all app publishers use them to their full potential. Some publishers believe they are too hard to create, or they simply don’t understand the potential reach and powerful message they can communicate.

The truth is, the proper use of app videos could open up a whole new stream of downloads…

The Best Uses of App Videos

Before we get started with some of the underused platforms for app marketing, let’s start with the basics. When you think of app marketing videos, there are two places where you probably think of using them: the iTunes and Google Play app stores.

…and rightfully so.

Having an app preview video on your app store page is the best way to show potential users why your app is so awesome. It really is hard to show what your app is all about with just a few screenshots.

For example, here is a video from the popular messaging app, Tango. If you just saw the screenshots, you might write it off as just another messaging app.

But after watching this video, the music and live demonstration may just convince you to give it a try:

So if you only have the resources to target one platform, we would recommend starting with the app stores. Get one professional quality video done and make it awesome. If you don’t have an app store video yet, then here is a quick review of what you need to know.

If you know this already, feel free to skip on to the next sections…

Apple App Store

Apple is pretty strict on what you can show in an App Preview video. For starters, your video must be between 15 and 30 seconds.

The majority of the footage must be actual screen recordings from the app itself. Keep in mind that your video will be seen in all countries. So if you are targeting other countries, be sure to keep narration to a minimum.

To read all the App Store video guidelines, click here.

Google Play App Store

Google gives you a lot more freedom when it comes to creating your app promo video. But that doesn’t mean that you should get too crazy.

Although the maximum length of your video is two minutes, you should keep it as concise as possible. Beyond that, you should show the best features of your app first and be creative.

Find out even more about Google Play video guidelines here.

Other Ways to Use Promotional Videos

Alright, once you have a video available on the app stores you are in, it is time to explore other platforms. Keep in mind that these videos don’t have to be as professional as your app store videos.

In fact, on many of these platforms, a more organic video can often be the most effective. So don’t stress out about making a professional looking video.

If you don’t have the means to hire someone, many times, all you need is your laptop, your phone and some creative ideas. Take a look at what is working for others and see how you can put your own spin on it.

1. Instagram


Instagram allows you to upload up to 15 seconds of video. The important thing to remember with Instagram is that people usually won’t watch your video with sound because videos start with the sound turned off.

Therefore, you have to make your video as appealing as possible, without sound effects. Remember that people are scrolling through their feed quickly, so you have to catch their attention right away.

You can use all kinds of fun techniques to make your videos. For example, the stop motion technique can give you some cool results and you don’t have to worry about doing the video in one take.

It may not be app-related, but just for inspiration, this Instagram video has more than 35,000 likes.

2. Facebook

Facebook videos also start with no sound, just like on Instagram, so be sure to make the beginning of your video grab people’s attention. However, sharing your videos on your own Page is showing decreasing value, day by day.

The real advantage to Facebook is in their advertising platform and Facebook groups. Facebook ads are an excellent way to target specific demographics and, if you have a website, you can single out people who visit your site and retarget them with Facebook ads later.

Groups are also another way to share your videos and possibly get downloads. Engagement is generally very high in the best groups.

But you cannot simply say: “Hey check out my app” and drop your video.

Nobody likes that.

You have to be more creative and figure out what people in the group are looking for. Most people will post blog posts or write something, so if you can create a video (no matter how simple), you will stand above the crowd.

3. YouTube


As popular as YouTube is, it is still surprisingly underutilized by many companies. One of the reasons could be because that people think that making YouTube videos needs to be a huge production.

It doesn’t. Think of a few ideas for videos your audience would love and make a simple video with your phone.

Once you find some ideas that work, you can put more time and money into more professional videos…or just stick with what you are doing.

If this something that you are interested in pursuing, then we at Apptamin have created a guide that will help you with marketing your app on YouTube. It demonstrates how to choose keywords, find out what is working in your niche and much more.

Since YouTube is owned by Google, advertising on YouTube also gives you access to the Adwords network. Imagine if you could retarget people who watched more than 30 seconds of one of your videos.

That is the true power of using YouTube. Since so many websites use Adsense ads, it is very likely that people who watched one of your videos will see your banner ads on other sites.

The best part is that banner ads cost less than YouTube video ads.

4. Ad Networks

Next, if you have some money to spend, the right ad network can be great way to get your videos in front of people who might want your app. Networks like Vungle, NativeX and AdColony are great places to start.

Find out what is working for people in your industry and start from there.

5. Vine

Vine is a little different in that it allows users to share six-second looping video clips. But don’t let the short video length fool you. You need to be really creative to come up with videos that people will like and get them to download your app.

But I have faith in you 🙂

6. TV Platforms

This is where things really get exciting for app publishers. With the last refresh of Apple TV, Apple has opened a huge market to app developers.

Not only are apps now available on Apple TV, but full-screen video ads to advertise apps can also open up a new world of possibilities. Imagine how impressive your app video ads could be on a 50” screen.

7. Twitter

Twitter allows videos that are 30 seconds or less. But remember, Twitter also makes it easy to share videos from other platforms like Vine, YouTube and more.

This means that building your Twitter following can help you leverage your reach for the video content you publish on other platforms. Don’t just think about the opportunities on Twitter, but consider how it can magnify the reach of your other content.

Bonus: Do Live Streaming (If You Dare)

If you really want to get crazy, then live broadcasting platforms like Periscope or Meerkat can be a great way to show people what is going on behind the scenes with your app.

It is also a great way to show people using your app or let viewers from all over the world sit in on your live events. This video platform is not for everyone, but it can go a long way to building a community around your app.


With so many video marketing options out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. I hope that this post has shown you the opportunities that are available and has given you some ideas on where to start.

Also, keep in mind that app marketing videos don’t necessarily have to be expensive to create. If you just need a short, fun video for Instagram or Twitter, it is easy to make your own videos with simple screen captures on your phone’s camera.

So what are you waiting for? Go make a short video right now.

Hugh Kimara

Hugh Kimara is the Inbound Marketing Manager at Apptamin, the app video marketing specialists. To learn more about how to leverage video to market your app, head on over to their blog.


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