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Coming up I’m going to share some advanced ASO strategies that we use to help our clients double and even 5x downloads. Trust me when I tell you that this is going to be some ninja stuff.

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1. Use 2 ASO Platforms

There is really no excuse to only use just one. I personally use Sensor Tower and Mobile Action. Using two ASO Platforms will help you find the low competition keywords.

2. Double Your Keyword Localization

Now this isn’t about localization as in translating for a particular App Store. No, this is about the App Store utilizing different localizations, different languages for one country.

For example, the US App Store indexes the Spanish-Mexican localization, which means you can put English keywords into the Spanish-Mexican localization and still rank well for that particular keyword.

3. App Store Reviews

When people search for your app or discover your app through search, they are comparing your app to other apps that are similar, and one of the deciding factors whether or not they will download your app is the star rating of your app and the number of good reviews your app has.

White hat tip: You can ping your most engaged users to give your app a rating or a review whenever you release a new version of your app.

Black hat tip: You won’t get this anywhere else, because it’s MINE. Buy your App Store reviews that include certain keywords in those reviews. If you want to learn more about this Black Hat ASO strategy learn more at

4. Localization

Unlike the point made in #3, this is literally translating your app for the different app stores. It’s silly and naive to think that everyone uses English when searching for an app. So, take the time to localize your app.

Jason Van Buiten of Review Command tripled his downloads by using Amazon Mechanical Turk. His strategy is to run a survey for your target country and ask users to supply 10 words or phrases that they would use to search for your app in their native language. You can then use the most common keywords from the different users in your iTunes app name and keywords.

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