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Are you new to App Store Optimization?

Do you want to know what elements of your app store page can help you increase your keyword rankings?

In this video, you will discover what factors go into how well your app is ranked for a certain keyword.

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In the previous video, we talked about what App Store optimization is about. And I talked about balancing the algorithm and the user. And we’re going to go through some of the factors that really go into how well your app is ranked for a certain keyword.

So first and foremost and probably the most important thing, is your app name. So you want to have keyword rich app names. You don’t want to make it too long, and we’re going to go into some of those details – and later on the video, where you want to really make sure your app name is optimized for search.

Another thing you want to think about is your app description. So you really want nice keywords in your app description. I’m going to go into it in – little bit detail, later on in the project. But from now, just know that your app description plays a role in how well your app is ranked for that particular keyword.

Few other things, I’ll really highlight real quickly is – reviews. So what people are saying on Google Play and IOS, that factors in, into how well your app is ranked for that keyword. So if they’re saying a lot about Facebook, and you happen to be Facebook – you’re going to rank really well because of the reviews. Because of the words in your App Store reviews.

And also keywords. So Apple has a keyword field that you can use – put into iTunes Connect. And so, the end user doesn’t see it, but if you remember the SEO days of websites – we used to have this meta keyword field. It’s the same thing on IOS. So you have a 100 character limit, we’ll go into the details later on. But just know that it exists on IOS but not Google Play.

Also now, I’m talking about the user side of things. So that was the algorithm part of things for App Store optimization. Now we want to talk about users. Retention has now been a key factor in how well your app is ranked. So really think about the end user. You want to build an app that a user will go back to time, time, time and again.

Also, conversion. So what I mean by conversion is – Apple just started releasing analytics on how many page views. So how much – how many times your app is actually being viewed by a user. And then how many times you’re actually going to – the user ends up downloading the app. So that plays into it.

And so, that – things that go into your conversion are going to be your app name, your screenshots, your app icon. These are things that are going to get people – once they see your app, are you really getting – enticing them to download your app? So that’s what I mean by conversion.

And lastly, there’s special factors. These are just things that they’re not going to share with us. And so, those – just know that – that’s going to constantly change. And I think it’s pretty obvious that these factors exist, but I wanted to make sure I highlight it, just so you know that there’s some special factors that we probably don’t know about – that Apple and Google are both considering in how well your app ranks for a certain keyword.


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