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Are you looking to drive more downloads with App Store Optimization (ASO)?

Do you want advanced ASO strategies that you won’t find anywhere else?

We’ve compiled our best ASO videos into one stellar blog post to give you the best of the best.

1. App Store Optimization Factors

In this video, you’ll discover the fundamental elements that go into how well your app ranks for a certain keyword. Make sure you pay attention, because I am also going to cover a few components of ASO that most app developers overlook.

2. How to Find Low Competition Keywords

I compare my two favorite ASO tools and how you can use them to decide whether to target a particular keyword for your app name or keyword field. Also, I share real data that shows you why it’s so important to use both tools when performing app store optimization.

3. How to Double Your Keywords

Did you know that the U.S. App Store actually indexes the Spanish (Mexico) localization? In fact, many countries index other countries allowing you to double the number of keywords that you are targeting.

4. How to Generate Keyword Ideas When You’re Stuck

In this video, you’ll discover an awesome little known tool called OneLook that will help you find those golden keywords to help increase exposure and downloads for your mobile app.

5. Advanced ASO Strategies

Here are three advanced ASO strategies that we use to help our clients double and even 5x downloads. Trust me when I tell you that this going to be some ninja stuff.

Bonus Case Study: 293% Increase in Downloads With Search Boost

I share a really three case studies where we helped clients rank in the top 3 for their most desired keywords including one client that went from 166 to number 2. Lastly, I share the impact on downloads during the days the app was #1 for the keyword.

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  • DonnaPowers says:

    Thank you Steve. Just learning so I appreciate the information. The app I have is a multi media magazine app so I am curious if you have any case studies of that. If not, I would be happy to be a guinea pig!

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