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David Zilberfayn


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About the Episode

Today’s guest is the founder of Appsolute Games, one of the biggest publishers in the the app space, and he shares how shutting down his first game led him down the publishing path. Also, he shares his insights on monetization, app launch strategy and how to hit the top charts (a question I tend to get frequently).

David Zilberfayn is the Founder and CEO at Appsolute Games.

Show Notes

What Led Him Down the Publishing Path

David Zilberfayn is the founder and CEO of Appsolute Games and tells us about his journey in the app space, from letting go of his first app to making it big in the app space as a pulisher. Find out what led him down to publishing by listening in to the podcast.

Insights on Monetization, App Launch Strategy and How to Hit the Top Charts

Appsolute Games is one of the biggest publishers in the app space today, launching an app a week since July of 2015! Listen to the podcast because he shares insights on monetization and app launch strategies as well as getting an app into the top charts, valuable information for developers and publishers alike!

Show Mentions

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