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Ethan Rosenbaum


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Are you trying to launch a social media app? Well today’s guest shares his journey and the lessons learned along the way including what he’s pivoting into. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares his project management tips to make sure a project launches on time.

Ethan Rosenbaum is the President & Founder at Babble.

Show Notes

Ethan Rosenbaum talks about Babble

Ethan founded Babble, a social networking app that helps you keep up with friends and family that are closest to you by enabling you to customize your feed to only show people you want to. It’s no secret that other social networking apps right now are used for more than just connecting with people who are closest to you and that’s great, but it does get a bit noisy sometimes, Babble, gets rid of that noise and only shows you what you want to see at a particular moment.

Taking Feedback and Project Management

Find out how Ethan takes feedback, how he deals with it, what he does with it to help him make his app better and how he manages projects within his company and you may just pick up a few useful tips and tricks to managing your own projects better.

“Success is not a linear path, success is defined by responses and resilience to situations.”
Listen to the full podcast to learn more about why this quote is meaningful to Ethan.

Show Mentions

– Babble ( iTunes )

– Fave App: Charlie ( iTunes )

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