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About the Episode

I have the Game Director at Backflip Studios, Bryan Mashinter, who shares how he approaches in-app purchase conversions, game design and retention. Also, listen to the part of the show when he shares why it’s so important to choose the people you surround yourself with.

Bryan Mashinter is Game Director at Backflip Studios.

Show Notes

Approaches in Game Design and Mechanics

Mash shares that people play games for two reasons: to feel smart or to feel powerful. Even if majority of people play games at a basic level, you have to ramp up the difficulty of your games to retain the gamer’s interest. It’ll be cool one minute but if there is no complexity, they won’t feel tested anymore thereby they won’t feel smart or clever, it is no longer entertaining so there is no delight in playing them anymore. So think about that when you are coming up with your game design and mechanics — it can be increasing speed, increasing the enemies – as long as there is complexity and it is teaches players how to do something then making it more difficult.

Choosing the People you Surround Yourself With

Mash discovered that he collaborates better in person, wanted to be around with people and be motivated by others. He got introduced to Julian, Dale and Tom, their 3 co-founders, and they made Mash realize that what he thought was easy, wasn’t.  Julian is the visionary, Dale is seriously smart, and Tom was the designer and primary coder. They made a great leadership ensemble and made Mash want to be around smart people and those who are better at things that he is bad at. He saw how deficient he was at the business aspect so he wanted this honed and be with people who inspired him.

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