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Scotty Ruth


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About the Episode

I catch up with Scotty Ruth who started an app podcast the same exact day that I started mine. He shares the struggles of entrepreneurship, going back to corporate life and how he’s developed his self-awareness. If you are on the fence about going out on your own then this is the episode for you.

Scotty Ruth is the Product Designer at Ministry Sync.

Show Notes

Struggles of Entrepreneurship

Quitting a job to pursue what you truly want to do can be nerve wracking, but you just have to do it, and that’s just what Scotty Ruth did. He shares some of his struggles as he dives into entrepreneurship.

Going Back to Corporate Life and Developing Self Awareness

Scotty Ruth enjoyed being on his own, working on improving his developing and designing skills, but he realized that being an entrepreneur wasn’t for him. At least not yet. He realized he wanted to focus on what he was truly good at, rather than being stretched too thin trying to be good at everything.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about Scotty Ruth’s journey to entrepreneurship, going back to the corporate life and developing self awareness.

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