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Today’s guest became a self-made millionaire by the age of 30 and now travels with several of his closest friends as a digital nomad. You will discover how to create a disruptive business using a cash flow business, tips on how to run a remote team and a new perspective on success.

Brian David Crane is Founder at Caller Smart Inc.

Show Notes

Creating a Disruptive Business Using a Cash flow Business

Brian owns a digital marketing agency and Caller Smart and with the former, they invest in e-commerce brands and help them reach a bigger audience. What’s interesting here is that, you can take what you make in these cash flow deals and use it to fund a much bigger enterprise. Most people go to cash flow business because they want to live a certain way and then they attain it and does not know what to do; on the flip side there are people who raise money through venture capital and are now wedded to a particular app and go through tremendous amount of pressure. Brian wants to strike the balance between the two extremes wherein you can run a cash flow business then use the cash to actually fund the business that would usually be funded by a VC.

Tips on how to run a remote team

“The shortest pencil is better than the longest memory.” This is a quote that Brian uses as a guiding principle and he explains that this means that the secret to managing a remote team is that everything has to be written down. If you were doing calls, it has to be recorded so that if there are gaps, you can go back and review to ensure they are being done. In their company, they almost entirely rely on the written word as it is the only way to keep track of everything.


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