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Today’s guest, Jordan Blackman, has worked on multiple 10 figure products for companies like EA Sports, Ubisoft, Zynga, The Pokemon Company, AMC Networks, Ellen Degeneres, and many more.

You will discover a few easy ways to increase your game’s monetization, his process for evaluating a product and the biggest mistakes he see when it comes to mobile games.

Jordan Blackman is the Owner of Bright Black Associates.


01:39 – Jordan’s process for evaluating a product.

13:29 – The randomness factor, an element in a game that spices things up by adding luck in an otherwise skill-based game.

15:05 – How Jordan goes in-depth on his games to get a real feel on how it is doing.

21:08 – KPIs that Jordan takes a look at in the very beginning before moving to something more in-depth.

23:21 – Getting the player used to spending the premium currency.

24:31 – Other ways you can easily increase your monetization.

28:40 – The reverse leverage (the piggy bank).

30:07 – Another idea of a “core loop” and making sure that the amount of rewards a user gets by using it won’t be greater or as much as they get by playing the game.

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