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I share why is one of the best marketing channels for app downloads along with how to find the influencers, which ones to target and the best day to promote.


Today, I want to talk to you about a brand new platform or brand new strategy that we’ve been implementing for all our clients. Now, before I tell you about this brand new platform and a strategy that is working pretty well, it’s pretty new to us but is working really well.

I always want to be ahead of the curve and so what we’re really trying to do is to come up with different strategies that people aren’t implementing yet. So this is pretty new and I’ve talked to enough people who have tried this effective app. Until I wanted to dive into this particular platform and really figured out a way to maximize the results and driving download.

So let me tell you about this new channel of driving downloads and I think it’s gonna be phenomenal for games it is called

It is somewhat a new social media app that has millions or hundreds of millions of users already on it and it’s really big amongst the teen age group. So, it’s really a huge platform. Sort of like Dubsmash but this one is about music videos and it’s a social networking app where you can meet really awesome music influencers who have huge followers.

We have one client that we ran out first-ever with campaign and we reached about nine million followers, while we spent about a couple of thousand on this and we got a return of 29 cents CPI point. I’ve been trying to run this with different other campaigns that I know and if you’re interested in working together on a campaign let me know and I want to see that we can really maximize that campaign with other campaigns.

I’ve got other campaigns that we can run with at the same time. I love to stack, that’s my thing. I love to stack different campaigns together. In the past, the number one question that I’ve been receiving was how do you find influencers on this platform? Well, I’m gonna show some of the best practices that I just learned myself on how you can actually do well through

I love one button or capability in this platform that we’ve been using  for most different apps and it has done pretty well. Games will do really well on this platform. We did it with a couple of other apps and we’re trying to test more and more. I believe it is the number one platform to be on right now, that is extremely underpriced meaning, not everybody has jumped on it yet.

If you want to find somebody, there is one best way: You can sign up for the app and there you’ll see cool videos that guys are creating. Go to search button and look under leaderboard. From there, you can see all these people that have been on the app then you can click on their profile and you’ll see “business only”.

Another is, one of the influencers that we’re actually working with right now who has 2.48 million followers. The app shows too her email account and you can just send an email to her directly.  So, I think the best way to do this is to go through some of the best practices to work with a bunch of different influencers we like to work with.

Search for micro influencers, which are influencers with a little bit less than a million followers and reach out to them to build up a network. And if you’re trying to execute this on your own, we, with  nine million reach, for a two thousand dollar budget- we are working with a bunch of micro influencers and a few bigger ones (like the biggest one we had was 2.2 million followers), We’re working with a lot of people that has 500 to 600 thousand range and the whole premise of it is to get a lot of different other people talking about it.

I think we had a total of maybe nine or ten (around that number of influencers) for that two-thousand-dollar campaign and we’re working with all of them at once to promote in a given time frame.

Look at the app Annie data in, you’ll see that they actually go up on Saturdays, that’s generally when they’re more active, that’s the best time to promote a game or best for engagement. Their rankings actually go up on Saturdays, which is the best time to do it.

Usually for us, I like to typically leave the creative up to the influencer because they’re the ones who built the two million followers. They know the creative and I let them do it and do  their special practices. Like, I say “hey go search for the app in the App Store”, it is available and do that, but other than that, I let them run with it.

The last thing I’ll mention is, if you are running a campaign it is heavily used in the US and on iOS so, I like to have both platforms. I know android users has been asking stuff about me, so I’m going to share some android ASO tips as well later on.

I have somebody on our team that built this huge spreadsheet of all the influencers and we have to email them but managing those stuff is a lot work! However, is a platform that I am very fascinated, to think that in 2017, this is going to blow up in terms of promoting games. I’m just blowing up right now and I want to be first to mention it. I’m probably not the first one and I know a lot of people are already using. But if you’re not yet on it and if you want to work with someone like us to sort out or stacked different campaigns together with other campaigns, that’s what we have to talk about together and we can figure something out that will maximize the marketing dollars!


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