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FotoSwipe-Sylvain Dufour

FotoSwipe-Sylvain Dufour


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About the Episode

You will hear from an entrepreneur who left France and started a company that went on to raise $50M. He shares his advice on hiring, raising money and why you do NOT need experience to get your company going. Also, listen to the end of the show when he talks about why don’t need a great idea to start a company.

Sylvain Dufour is Founder & CEO at FotoSwipe, Inc.

Show Notes

You Do Not Need Experience to Get a Company Going

For Sylvain, experience is not everything to get your company going. If you look at the recent success of other companies, most of the guys there have not had companies before that but they came out great. He shares that you just need to follow your instincts and your passion and find the right people to get along with.

You Don’t Need a Great Idea to Start a Company

Some people put off building a business because they have not found the million-dollar idea yet but for Sylvain, you don’t necessarily need an amazing, new idea to get started.You just need to decide to do something and then later on, find what it is that you want to do. He believes that anybody can start a business if they want to.Take his experience, for example: he came here in the US with no money, no connections and barely speaking the language.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Open Table: (iTunes | Google Play)

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