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Jamil Moledina


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About the Episode

Today’s guest is the Games Strategic Lead at Google Play to talk about what Google is looking for in their featured games, how to approach Google for a possible feature and important components you should have in your games. Also, listen to how to make your great idea a great reality.

Jamil Moledina is Games Strategic Lead at Google Play.

Show Notes

What Google Looks For In Their Featured Games

This is information game developers should know to be able to give their game more exposure and as you know, getting a feature can boost downloads and make a game a success, now finally we get some inside information from Jamil Moledina, Google Play’s Games Strategic Lead.

Game Essentials

Game developer? Listen to Jamil Moledina as he dishes out on what features and components a good game has to be able to be a success as well as what Google Play looks for in their featured section.

How To Get Google to Feature Your Game

Game developers, this is it! Grab Google Play’s attention to feature your game, listen to the full podcast to learn more!

Show Mentions

Google Form for a Possible Feature
– Google Tango Platform for AR
Core App Quality Guidelines
– Fav app: Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (iTunes | Google Play)

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