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Looking to drive low cost downloads that targets female sports fans? Well today’s guest shares why rewarded engagement drives better users than incentivized traffic. Also, you will discover how he’s using Facebook ads to drive downloads for his own apps and why automating this process has allowed him to scale with just 7 team members.

Daniel Todd is currently the CEO/Founder of Influence Mobile. He is also a Disney TechStars mentor and adviser to several start-ups. In 1999, he co-founded the online media company Zango. While there, Zango ranked several times in the Inc 500 fastest growing companies ranking as high as #7. Businesses he created have generated over one billion dollars in revenue.

Show Notes

Why Rewarded Engagement Drives Better Users than Incentivised Traffic

Rewarded engagement is like a mileage plan for games, they will give you a reward for what you do in the app. For instance, you can earn a free Tom Brady jersey, hat or shoes by playing games in their network, which is a hit for major Patriots fans. This is more effective than incentivized traffic because you are giving away something that is of value to the player.

How to Use Facebook Ads to Drive Downloads

Daniel uses Facebook to target potential users. For instance, they will target female between 18 and 24 years old who like Dallas Cowboys. They will use individual creatives that highlight some of those games and spit very specific creatives that highlight the rewards that they can earn that is appealing for their age like tank tops.

They target small users when it’s appropriate as a smaller audience target on Facebook is more expensive. But they constantly try to balance this. Sometimes, they target a more broad appeal such as 18 to 45 or 24 to 54 years old.

How Automation Allows Daniel to Scale His Team Members

Daniel admits that his companies have gone through ups and downs. At times, he has to cut down people and automation has helped him get through his role with lesser people in the team.

He has an automation tool that automatically creates creatives and loads it on Facebook and manages it, too. Instead of hiring many people, he hired more developers who are focused on automation, to automate the process for him.

It’s important to talk to people who can take your words and turn it into something you want. If you are doing a redundant process, computers can do that too. So, just define the rules and have the developers build it for automation.

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